Ban Foie Gras in SF? – SFist: San Francisco

foie gras.jpg
An entire foie gras (partly prepared for a terrine)

Not learning the lesson Chicago had to after it attempted to / failed at banning (delicious) foie gras, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi told SFGate about a new legislative idea dimly blinking in his noggin. Ahem:

“Why not get ahead of the curve in San Francisco and spotlight the fact that it’s extremely cruel and inhumane to be offering foie gras?” he said, noting he was munching on veggie, yet delicious falafel as we talked on the phone.

No. This is a horrible idea, one that is past its prime. And, worse, it would set up a slippery slope of gastronomic laws most of us don’t want. Yes, it would. Yes. It would.

When asked about this idea, Newsom’s press secretary / stand-n Nathan Ballard brilliantly snapped back, “Clearly Supervisor Mirkarimi has crafted a solution to what he thinks is one of the most challenging issues facing our city. This landmark legislation will soon seek its place in the history books.”

When even Ballard is like, “Dude, really?,” you know you’ve made a bit of a brain fart. Ouch.

That said, here is a list of places in San Francisco where you can enjoy rich, savory, flavorful foie gras. Enjoy.


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