Little Green Footballs – Our Friends the Saudis

World | Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 5:50:55 pm PDT

The corrupt, obscenely wealthy rulers of Saudi Arabia continue playing Wahhabi bait-and-switch, promising reforms and delivering only more of the same Dark Ages misogyny.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Visitors to a women’s job training center heard terrified screams — and rushed to see an agent of the religious police dragging a woman by her hair down the stairs of the building.

The woman had apparently run for shelter in the center after the religious police caught her alone in a car with a man she is not related to — a violation of Saudi Arabia’s strict gender segregation, one of the visitors, Nasreen Qattan, told the Associated Press.

Under that same segregation, the male agent should not have entered the all-women center — yet he still barged in and grabbed the woman.

The incident a week ago in the holy city of Mecca is the sort of heavy-handed behavior by the kingdom’s Islamic religious police that many Saudis hoped would end after King Abdullah in February appointed a new chief of the force, billed as a reformer.

But so far, there’s been little sign of change, and complaints against the religious police continue.


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