The best wine glass is the one it comes in: a bottle

Dr Vino’s wine blog The best wine glass is the one it comes in: a bottle Wine consumers often fret over the best glass to serve their reds, whites and rosés. I’m here to tell you: the best glass is the one that the wine comes in, namely the bottle. Drinking wine from the bottle is a pleasure that no Austrian crystal maker will tell you about. But it is the right olfactory, environmental, economic choice. The best crystal wine glasses have a wide balloon that narrows toward the top. That’s also the case for wine bottles where the aromas are conveniently concentrated through the bottle neck. And because heavy glass has a larger carbon footprint than box wine, drinking directly from the bottle bypasses the need for crystal glasses that may have been sent via airfrieght with excess packaging. Economically, the costs are clearly lower. And it also provides greater mobility to drink on the go although open container laws do interfere.
 Paul Grieco of the NYC hipster wine bar Terroir says that bottles as glasses are all the rage at his bar. “The only hard part is getting people to stop after the equivalent of one glass,” he said. “And you really don’t want to be the last one to order a glass from a given bottle.” For more details, click here.


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