UCSD Sends Acceptance E-mail to 28,000 Rejected Students

LAist UCSD Sends Acceptance E-mail to 28,000 Rejected Students Photo: Ben Garney
 Let’s just consider this an unintended early April Fool’s joke. Students denied admission to the University of California, San Diego were sent an e-mail late last night congratulating them on their acceptance to the school. Unfortunately, that was a mistake. “The applicants had been denied admission by the university earlier in the month. Someone accidentally sent the e-mail to the entire applicant pool of 47,000 although it was intended for only the 18,000 students who got in,” reported the LA Times. “The mistake was all the more dire because this year is shaping up as one of the toughest in recent years at San Diego and other UC campuses. In response to a UC-wide enrollment cap ordered because of the state’s budget crisis, San Diego reduced its freshman enrollment target by 520 students, to 3,775.” …………………………………………………… http://feeds.gothamistllc.com/click.phdo?i=67ec85b92cc3040ce86eb58cae23f136


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