Los Angeles Named in Top 5 of Least Wasteful Cities

LAist Los Angeles Named in Top 5 of Least Wasteful Cities In some places, such as Australia, rain barrels are an ubiquitous sight | Photo by madmack66 via Flickr
  Even with Los Angeles’ aggressive zero waste plan not in full effect yet, we still rank number five nationally in a study on America’s Least Wasteful Cities. “Following the path to a least wasteful lifestyle is done most often when it’s easy and convenient,” the study concluded. “Overall results showed that the easier and more convenient an action, the more frequently it’s practiced. The good news is that Americans seem to be learning the importance of taking small steps to reduce our impact on the environment. But findings also suggest that the less convenient the behavior such as, taking public transportation, not using a car for short trips and composting, the less often they are being practiced across the country.” San Francisco and New York City top the list with Portland and Seattle rounding out the least wasteful five. …………………………………………………… http://feeds.gothamistllc.com/click.phdo?i=2cebd6c70c407248a2120f0e3dae41f7


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