Where to Properly Dispose of Electronics – SFist: San Francisco

Instead of kicking your passé electronics to the curb, be kind and recycle them properly. (We can think of several such items we’re currently hoarding in our closets.)

SFenvironment.org‘s front page has a great database for finding places within your zip code to recycle everything imaginable.

SFist commenters Travin and RinconHillSF turned us on to Green Citizen, which recycles pretty much all electronic items for free or a nominal price. They also offer premium services, such as hard-drive destruction and cell phone erasure. Green Citizen has three drop-off recycling centers, located in San Francisco, Burlingame, and Palo Alto, as well as Business Pick-up.

If your electronics are still in working order, you can exchange them at Radio Shack for their value on a gift card. Sounds like a great deal (but the trade off is shopping at Radio Shack).

For the charity-minded, there is also the brilliant Excess Access, which matches up donations of homes and businesses with nonprofits’ wishlists. We just recently read that it’s a very successful program (sorry, we can’t remember where we read about it).

As always, tell us about additional resources in the comments.


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