GM introduce in-car WiFi

Consumer Reports GM introduce in-car WiFi GM introduce in-car WiFi While we reported about in-car WiFi for Chryslers at CES earlier this year, Cadillac announced that it will offer wireless internet access for its CTS. Produced by Autonet Mobile, the hardware will give full Internet access in and around the car via a laptop or WiFi device. Working with GM, Autonet says it’s designed to support several devices at once, enabling one passenger to update a Facebook page, while another is gaming online or watching YouTube videos, for example. Forget about seeing the scenery–your kids might need to tell the world what they had for lunch. The new unit is smaller than the Chrysler version we previously covered. It also incorporates a docking station so you can move it from one car to the next. The Autonet Mobile WiFi system will be offered in other GM models later in 2009. The system requires no special software and achieves download speeds up to 800kps on a 3G network, or 120-200kps when not on 3G. The dealer-installed option will retail for $499 with a monthly service subscription of $29.
 Given how inconsistent wireless service is here, I’m wishing there were WiFi-equipped CTS sedans strategically placed throughout the convention center.
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