Got opinions? Become a Real Reviewer (and get a new phone courtesy of Palm)


Are your Facebook updates all about your experience with your phone? Do you know what "FP" means? (And are your blog comments a bit more substantive than that?) If you can tweet your opinions about Palm phones in 140 characters or less, we want to hear from you. (Heck, now that all of Shakespeare's plays have been condensed for Twitter, it should be a piece of cake to tweet your nuanced thoughts about your favorite phone features.)

We're looking for a few "Real Reviewers" to share their opinions about Palm phones across the blogosphere, social networks and beyond. If you're selected as a Real Reviewer, we'll provide you with a current-model phone and data-plan service for six months. We'll expect you to regularly share your thoughts about your experiences with your phone on whatever blogs and social networks you frequent (but you're already doing that, right?). We might even invite you to guest blog about your experiences right here on Palm's blog or host a discussion board on our Facebook page.

What's the catch? There's really just one: be yourself. Whether you're a fanboy or a skeptic, we want to hear from you.

Ready to become a Real Reviewer? Apply here by answering a few questions about yourself. We're looking for a mix of Palm veterans and newcomers, from all walks of life. (There are a couple of restrictions, though: You must be a U.S. resident and at least 18 years old.)

If you're interested, apply now — we'll notify selected Real Reviewers on May 8.

Jon Zilber

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