Amazon Kindle DX: Can a Gadget Save the Newspaper Industry? – Popular Mechanics

Kindle DX

Can a gadget save the newspaper industry? What about a gadget backed by the full faith and technology of the Amazon corporation? The conventional wisdom is that print is in trouble—and newspapers especially so. People still enjoy reading the news and see it as important, but fewer people are paying for the paper editions, choosing instead to read the news for free online. What’s worse, the economics of printing are getting uglier and uglier—paper costs have been steadily rising for years, and delivery costs are no bargain either. And newspaper’s bread-and-butter revenue generator, classified advertising, has been hijacked by Craigslist and

This is a good article and you should read it. At least, it gives you brief but comprehensive information on Kindle DX and likewise devices. As usual the article covers plenty and little about its title. I have to agree if subscriptions are paid for, the newspapers can benefit.


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