California exports drop 20 percent – San Francisco Business Times:

California exports fell for the fifth straight month in March, data released Tuesday shows.

The state’s exports in March shrunk 20.9 percent to $9.8 billion from $12.4 billion in March of last year, according to figures compiled by the <a href=”;v7;j;213950569;0-0;0;17654291;0/0;31055321/31073197/1;;~aopt=2/1/a6/0;~okv=;beh=;pos=t1;vs=agriculture;sz=728×90;tile=1;kw=sanfrancisco;dcopt=ist;~cs=w%3f”>University of California Center Sacramento from data released earllier Tuesday by the U.S. Commerce Department.

The Golden State’s manufactured exports, meanwhile, decreased by 24.8 percent. Overseas shipments of agricultural goods and other non-manufactured exports declined by 13.6 percent, even with a surge in rice exports.

Jock O’Connell, the UC Center’s international trade and economics adviser, attributed the further deterioration in California’s merchandise export trade to the persistent worldwide economic and financial crisis.

“California’s export trade continues to show little evidence of imminent recovery,” he said in a news release.

Oooops. I thought we subsidized agriculture and that is how it is our number 2 export nationwide. Cannot we subsidize it more and improve the exports???


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