Obama reverses self on releasing detainee abuse photos after seeing them fir…

Obama is so much like Bush except nobody wants to admit it. Yes his logic is Bushian. I think Obama thinks he is a celebrity or does not know how he got this great job he has. He has no clue risk is part of the job and no he does not care about the lives of the troops. He wants to keeps his office and be politically correct. That is actually very much like Clinton. He made deals with everyone and everyone so he can stay in there. He was ridiculous. Publish the damn photos. Nobody really cares except Obama will appear even weaker than he appears now. He cannot handle no crisis and his quest for truth is very cautious.


via AMERICAblog News| A great nation deserves the truth by John Aravosis (DC) on 5/13/09

They’re that bad. From the Hill:

President Obama reversed his previous decision to release photos showing possible detainee abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan after growing concerned that the pictures would endanger American troops, press secretary Robert Gibbs said today….

Today, Gibbs said that the President had not seen the photos in April when he made the original decision. Now he has.

“The president believes that the existence of the photos themselves doesn’t actually add to the understanding that detainee abuse happened,” Gibbs said, adding that the Pentagon is already reviewing interrogation practices for wrongdoing.

The logic is a bit Bushian. The photos don’t add anything new to our understanding of the crime, but they’re so bad that they’ll incite violence against our troops? Uh huh. Yes, because actually witnessing a crime in progress does nothing to shed light on the crime itself. Sure.


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