Report: British company dumps tons of toxic waste in Africa

I wonder how often this happens and no one finds out. At least in UK they can get caught. In US there is no way unless the government wants to make an example. The whole planet has been destroyed by American lifestyle and companies and there is only mild reaction here. Most people acknowledge they know but what gets done is a different story.


Now that proof has emerged, the courts need to throw the book at this company. This oil trading company dumped toxic waste in one of the poorest countries on the planet and repeatedly lied about their involvement. Even their executives joined the lie. The Guardian:

Documents have emerged which detail for the first time the potentially lethal nature of toxic waste dumped by British-based oil traders in one of west Africa’s poorest countries.

More than 30,000 people from Ivory Coast claim they were affected by the ­poisonous cocktail and are currently bringing Britain’s biggest-ever group lawsuit against the company, Trafigura.

The firm chartered the ship, Probo Koala, which transported the cargo to Ivory Coast in 2006.

An official Dutch analysis of samples of the waste carried by the Probo Koala indicate that it contained approximately 2 tonnes of hydrogen sulphide, a killer gas with a characteristic smell of rotten eggs.

Even worse are reports that the company in question, Trafigura, has been making attempts to influence those who were impacted to change their stories. What would happen to this company if they tried the same in the UK? The same laws ought to apply across the board.


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