China Has Invented Miraculous Hack-Proof Processor And Operating System?

If anybody was going to make such a system, it would have to be the Chinese. They are the ones hacking and fu&*ing with everyone’s systems worldwide. No wonder they are worried someone may do the same.


via Techdirt by Michael Masnick on 5/15/09

Tim Lee points us to a somewhat (unintentionally) amusing article claiming that China has somehow developed a security “hardened” microprocessor and operation system that is effectively hackproof. Of course, there’s no evidence of this presented whatsoever. And, it’s somewhat difficult to believe that such a “security hardened” system could exist — especially in a case where it’s never actually been tested out in the real world against those who have incentive to hack it. So why does the reporter parrot these claims as if they’re simple fact?

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