Quote du Jour: Accurate Newsom Statement Burns Bridges

Not everyone would put it this way but that describes the culture of the reign of Gavin Newsom quite well. He is a real piece of work.


via SFist by Brock Keeling on 5/15/09



When recently asked about the future of SF Chronicle, or lack thereof, SF Mayor Gavin Newsom told The Economist the following:

People under 30 won’t even notice.

Chortle. Also: true.

But wait, there’s more! In a shocking turn against best gal pal Newsom, SFGate gets all Real Housewives of New York, being all like, if you have something to say, say it to my face. And then fired back. Check it:

If that’s the case, then people under 30 won’t even notice you haven’t been our full-time mayor for more than a year.

Let’s all agree that they’re both right.

But come on, Chron. He’s gotten all that he could out of you guys. It’s time to pick up your crumpled bra and panties off the floor, rinse your mouth out, put on your oversized shades, let out a long sigh, and call a cab. Did you really think this would end any other way?

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