U.S. hopes for Japan’s help with high-speed railway+

WASHINGTON, May 15 (AP) – (Kyodo)—A senior official of the Federal Railroad Administration expressed hope Thursday that Japan will provide technical cooperation with the United States in building a high-speed railway network.

“I think Japan is one of several very good systems that we’re interested in looking at,” said Karen Rae in a telephone interview with Kyodo News.

“We’re impressed with the breadth of technology and the accomplishments,” she said, in reference to Japan’s shinkansen bullet train network.

The bullet train is an excellent idea. The traditional transportation besides personal automobiles are designed not to function properly. In other countries, everything moves much much faster: cars, buses, trains and so on. The US roads and transportation is designed to lag so needs help by means of private cars. This idea is great except it is an incredible waste to have train from LA to Vegas. That is antisocial. It is like having free shuttles from the ghetto and dangerous neighbourhoods to the good parts of the town. It does not make much sense.


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