Digital data to double in next 18 months

This information is very interesting but I am not sure how it affects us. The quantity of data will increase greatly but I don’t know how that would create problems in tangibly. The physical containers are needed to contain the data but besides that they exist in electronic format. I am sure it will link to pollution and energy somehow. And it is definitely mostly worthless stuff. I don’t know if they can be sorted through but probably can if storage and communication cost money.


And it’s already massive today. The cheaper storage becomes, the easier it is to hoard documents, photos, music, movies, online social networking sites, etc. As always, it’s the consumer who is driving this business.

At 487bn gigabytes (GB), if the world’s rapidly expanding digital content were printed and bound into books it would form a stack that would stretch from Earth to Pluto 10 times. As more people join the digital tribe – increasingly through internet-enabled mobile phones – the world’s digital output is increasing at such a rate that those stacks of books are rising quicker than Nasa’s fastest space rocket.

The large files from digital cameras and the world’s burgeoning army of surveillance cameras account for a significant proportion of the digital universe. The rapid increase in so-called machine to machine communications – such as when an Oyster card is touched on a reader or a satellite navigation system requests information about its location – has seen the number of individual digital creation events balloon, despite the economic recession.

The digital universe is expected to double in size over the next 18 months, according to the latest research from technology consultancy IDC and sponsored by IT firm EMC, fuelled by a rise in the number of mobile phones. At the time of their first Digital Universe report in 2007, the pair reckoned the world’s total digital content was 161bn gigabytes.


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