Australian police charge man in kangaroo shootings

Australian police charge man in kangaroo shootings AFP/Wildlife Victoria/Ho – An Eastern Grey kangaroo shot in the head with an arrow and rescued by Wildlife Victoria officers in …

Wed May 20, 3:03 am ET

MELBOURNE (AFP) – Australian police charged a man with animal cruelty for allegedly shooting two kangaroos with arrows, leaving one of them with a shaft embedded in its head.

Victoria state police said the 27-year-old man was arrested after raids on two homes in Melbourne’s outer suburbs, where they seized arrows, bows camouflage clothing and a computer.

The kangaroos were shot earlier this month. A male Eastern Grey kangaroo was pierced through the head and veterinarians believe he wandered around bushland for a week before being rescued.

A female of the same species was shot in the rump.

Both the animals, dubbed Beau and Hope by animal shelter staff, had operations to remove the arrows and are expected to fully recover.

The alleged shooter has been charged with four counts of aggravated cruelty and one of hunting protected wildlife.

He also faces an additional charge of reckless conduct endangering life for allegedly using a bow and arrow in parkland near other people.

The man was bailed to appear in court next month.


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