Cupcakes + Wine = Our Heads Finally Exploding

This one is interesting. Wine tasting has been so in for a few years and now we the extremes of it.


via Grub Street by Daniel Maurer on 5/21/09

As annoyingly ubiquitous as bacon and bourbon tastings are, they at least kind of make sense. (Jimmy’s No. 43 hosted one last night, and we hear another is being discussed for an upcoming food festival.) But cupcakes and wine? No joke — Cupcakes Take the Cake has organized a tasting that will pair (just one example) red velvets with Shiraz. It’s June 4, from 7 p.m. till 9 p.m., at Ave NYC (15 W. 28th St.), and at some point you’ll be able to buy $25 tickets at the Swirl Events website.

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