Reactions to the ‘GQ’ Top 25 Pizza List

Interesting comments.


via Slice on 5/20/09

In lieu of a Leftovers roundup today, I’m just going to give you an overview of what people in various cities are saying about Alan Richman’s Top 25 pizza list.


Alan Richman with his controversial list.

  • Chicago Pizza Club: "… Like so many critics from outside of Chicago, Richman entirely dismisses deep dish and stuffed pizza."
  • Chicago Tribune: Great Lake, "a notoriously slow pizzeria in Andersonville will become even slower."
  • Detroit Free Press: "Detroit is the third-best pizza city in America… To make the accolade sweeter, Chicago came in fourth."
  • Eater LA: Why L.A.'s Mozza didn't make the cut.
  • Houston Press: "Richman ignores most everything outside NYC and Chicago."
  • It's awfully quiet so far on this usually chatty and knowledgeable pizza forum.
  • MenuPages Boston: "Richman is a heretic for putting Boston dead last on Top 10 Pizza Cities list."
  • MenuPages SF: "Since New York has a population of about 8.25 million, and San Francisco about 765,000, we actually have more pizzerias on the list per capita."
  • SFoodie: "San Francisco has 12 percent of nation's best pizzas."
  • TONY: "Richman buries Naples’ supposed hegemony like a Vesuvius eruption."
  • Pizzaexpert says there ain’t room enough in these here United States for two pizza experts, Richman. And yes, we know, he’ll have to review each one of these on his site.


One response to this post.

  1. I love Alan’s writing and he’s a great guy but the omission of Dough in San Antonio is a glaring oversight.


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