25 brilliant wine label, bottle & package designs | Design daily news

frank b wine packaging

Frank B, label with a customizabe message, designed by Talia Cohen.

mas romani packaging

Mas Romani label designed by Gabriel Morales, good use of patterns and colors.

condamine wine packaging

Nice concept by Hanna Backman.

killibinbin wine label

Do you like vintage movie posters? Then you’ll like these Killinbinbin labels.

sav wine packaging

White space makes its way on a wine label, thanks to Stockholm Design Lab.

vinaceous wine packaging

Wine labels based on circus characters, great work by Public Creative.

zull wine design

Colourful wine packaging for Zull.

wine case lamp

Wine box that turns into a lamp, by Ciclus.

magpie estate

Another vintage looking design by Mash.

esule wine labels

Mash does it again, comics-like wine labels.

logan wine labels

Logan wine, with embroidered labels. Lovely work by War Design.

elk and wolf wine bottle

Beautiful looking typography, illustration and bottle by Elk & Wolf. Designed by Social UK.

sicani wine packaging

Sicani wine bottles, also by Social UK.

boxhead wine

Boxhead bottle, creative label pattern with cute illustrations and type by Mash.

mc lean

Nice and original box and bottle design by Hatch.

moral compass wine label

Also by Hatch, the cool illustrated labels for the Michael Austin wine.

sohne vineyards

Sohne Vineyards, big typography for a strong branding, designed by Ned Wright.

molly dooker

Molly Dooker, more great illustrative labels by Mash.

five rows

Five Rows, more traditionnal label with handwitten text and abstract design by Insite Design.

root wine

Going to the roots of wine labelling with Turner Ducksworth.

coppola wine

The Francis Ford Coppola’s <a href="http://www.encyclopediawines.com/Pages/AgeValidation.aspx?redirecturl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.encyclopediawines.com%2fPages%2fHome.aspx”>wine encyclopedia sent some fine looking bottles to the fine people at NotCot.

oriel wine 25 brilliant wine label, bottle & package designs

Oriel Wine, gorgeous bottles by the talented Julia Hoffmann.

magnificent wine

Huge type for magnificient wines, lovely.

shefa wine

Who said awesome? Sheva wine bottles by Nine99 Design.

churchill wine

Beautiful black and white labels for Churchill’s wines.

You have to check these out. They are very cool. They also show how the packaging can distract from quality questions and promote saleability. Take a look at them.


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