Twitter co-founder: We’ll have made it when you shut up about us


Cult following means nobody followed it.  And all softwares are used by some geeks.  Twitter reminds me of Brittany Spears.  The industry needs a teen pop star always.  It is a must to milk the teen market and Brittany was their biggest failure.  However, if all fails, you can always pretend it has not.  After all, nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the teen market of America.  The same with Twitter.  It drives sales of so many smart mobile devices there is no telling how valuable it is to promote this platform.  The typical social media platforms are too complex and have to be customized for smart phones and other devices.  Twitter is perfect.  It is nothing and does nothing.  As long as the public think it does something and media keeps talking about it, the sales remain steady for mobile devices in this economy.  By the way, the word is Brittany is no longer the queen of pop (as she ever was!!!) and Miley Cirus (spelling?) drives the sales and she has a few years before all used up.  And this one is not a no-talent like twitter.


NEW YORK–Twitter executive Jack Dorsey says he's looking forward to the day when the world stops talking so much about the company he co-founded.

"I think Twitter's a success for us when people stop talking about it, when we stop doing these panels and people just use it as a utility, use it like electricity," said Dorsey, who was on a "Future of Media" panel here Wednesday as part of Internet Week New York. "It fades into the background, something that's just a part of communication. We put it on the same level as any communication device. So, e-mail, SMS, phone. That's where we want to be."

For those who stepped in late, Twitter blew up from a cult following of geeks and news junkies into a full-out phenomenon earlier this year, when actor Ashton Kutcher kicked off a challenge with CNN to be the first account to hit one million followers and Oprah Winfrey gave Twitter her seal of approval on the air.

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