Yahoo Mail Filters Your Mailbox

Yahoo Mail has been around much longer than gmail and is far more polished in many ways.  The features are not always as useful as Yahoo makes them appear but sometimes come in very handy.  This is one good feature if you receive a good deal of mail.  Gmail is okay with its system but gmail has the feel of a techie designing it for other techies.  It is not a user-friendly mail service if you are too young, too old or just don't have time to figure things out.  
from Lifehacker by Adam Pash

Yahoo's email service rolled out an interesting new feature today that filters your inbox to show only emails from contacts or "connections" to help you get to your most important emails first.

The new filtering features appear in a View From bar right above your inbox. When you view messages from contacts, Yahoo Mail will display emails only from people you've manually added to your contact list. The slightly broader filter, called Connections, denotes people you've conversed with frequently but never manually added as a contact. You can still see your standard inbox that includes every email, but if you've got an inbox full of email and you want to get to the email you care about most first, filtering by either contacts or connections is a smart way to quickly get there.

Good on Yahoo Mail with this one; it's a feature we'd love to see rolled into other email apps out there. (You listening, Gmail?) If you don't immediately see the update in your Yahoo Mail account, take note:

This feature will roll out in the next few weeks to both Classic and the new Yahoo! Mail users who have the Smarter Inbox features enabled. To get these new features, first create a Profile at and then log back into Yahoo! Mail. Only users in the US and Australia can get it now, but users from many more countries will be eligible soon.


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