Interactive Data Glasses Bring PC to Your Face

This one is interesting and is for you.  I read it once and don't understand it.  Maybe you do.  It piqued my interest.

from Engadget by Darren Murph

Leave it the mad scientists at Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft to concoct this one. Rather than just figuring out a way to read back information in one-way fashion on one's glasses (think Sixth Sense, but with eyewear), these folks are diving right in to the real stuff: bidirectional communication. In essence, their goal for the interactive data eyeglasses is to track eye movement in order to allow ones retinas to scroll through menus, flip through options and zoom in / out on a map. Obviously, a microdisplay will be necessary as well, but that's just half the battle. We'll confess — we're still not humble enough to take our Vuzix HMD out in public, but we just might swap our Transitions[TM] for a set of these. 


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