Evil Has Taken Over The World Already: Bronx Teenager Roasts Kitten Alive

Some people are sick or become sick.  The percentage of the young people (the much celebrated Y Generation) that really don't belong in the society but on some island till they grow 30 and can read newspapers (as Gavin Newsom defines those likely to read a newspaper and thus a citizen of this democracy as Jefferson would have it).  They tried to make me jury duty once  or was it twenty times.  That was a long time ago and all I had to do was write I am not a citizen.  And I would get another one in a few weeks.  Plenty from Los Angeles!!!  I don't even live there.  Finally, I lost the battle and had to show up for jury duty.  This is how the selection begins:  The judge gives a short speech saying "this trial is a farce by the standards of any courtroom in this building."  The defendant is accused of some kind of pornography and he could care less he is in a court room accused of crap.  I got kicked out the next day after they read my questionnaire:  Yes I have studied statistics and all those other stuff it asks here.  And most of all, I wrote I not only object to viewing the pornographic materials they are going to show in the court but I already am sure he is guilty.  He looks f*&*(king guilty to me and nothing said in the court will make me believe otherwise.  Believe it or not, I know people who think they are elected President of US if called for jury duty.  How can you be impartial to crazy stuff like what follows?  The world has been taken over by evil and is just manifesting itself in so many ways.

from America Blog by John Aravosis (DC)
17 year old Cheyenne Cherry was angry at her ex-roommate. So Cheyenne broke into her former friend's apartment, slashed the furniture, threw bleach on the walls, stole a bunch of stuff, and then threw the friend's kitten into the oven, shut the door, turned the stove on high, and then left so she wouldn't have to hear the kitten clawing at the oven door and/or screaming in pain. The kitten roasted to a cinder.

This isn't just a prank. It's one seriously sick individual. I don't care how stupid we all were when we were 17, I can't ever imagine roasting a kitten to death as a prank. That takes a serious lack of regard for life. Just imagine what Cheyenne Cherry is going to be like when she finally grows up.

I had jury duty yesterday. After spending 5 hours in the courthouse, I was dismissed after I told the judge, honestly, that the defendant freaked me out. He looked like some thug out of CSI, and in my heart I knew he was guilty as sin. Yes, I know, innocent until proven guilty and all that – but after two teenage thugs tried to choke me to death six years ago outside my apartment in DC at 8 o'clock at night on a busy street, I guess I lost a bit of my innocent impartiality. Spending those five hours in the courthouse yesterday was a real eye opener, and a reminder of that night six years ago. It was a look at the dark side that most of us don't usually have to witness, at least not very often.

Perhaps that's why Cherry Jubilee, or whatever her name is, roasting the kitten strikes me as something more sinister than just a stupid teenage prank. The people walking around that courthouse scared the hell out of me. As does anyone who would throw a kitten into an oven as a prank.

PS And the minor who was Cherry's accomplish hasn't even been arrested. Unless the minor is under the age of 6, the cops have some explaining to do too. At the very least, they should "arrest" the minor to scare the hell out of them.


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