Send Photos via Camera with Eye-Fi Wi-Fi Card

The price is still a little high though it has 4GB also but the idea works.  I found a couple of cameras not too long ago that have Wi-Fi builtin to send photos and videos directly to Internet.

from Engadget by Tim Stevens

We're all pretty spoiled in these digital days; not that long ago taking a look at a vacation's worth of photos required a trip to the store, a couple of hours (or days) wait, and then the better part of an afternoon getting fingerprints all over a stack of poorly composed shots that you daren't throw out because you just paid good money to have them printed. Now you pop a memory card into your computer, wait a few seconds for them to fly into an appropriately labeled folder, and then… probably forget you took them. It's so much easier it's hard to fathom the process getting even more simple, but that's what Eye-Fi has done with its line of wireless flash memory cards, which beam pictures directly from your camera. The company's latest, the $149, 4GB Eye-Fi Pro, makes the process even more direct by letting you send pictures straight to a computer, also adding some additional features that pros and semi-pros will appreciate. We put it through its paces after the break.


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