Cheese: Bardwell Manchester

This is one interesting cheese I wish I could taste.  It is a goat cheese not in a tube format.  It is aged and the rind is washed.  I have poor memory of goat cheeses except for the very well-made ones.  This however appears very appetizing.  


from The Kitchn by Nora Singley
2009_06_09-Bardwell.jpgFrom Consider Bardwell Farm in West Pawlet, Vermont, comes one of the best cheeses around…. and right now it's at particular peak, perhaps because it's most definitely the season for a cheese of this nature: made with the raw milk from Vermontese (if you will) goats who were grazing on fresh spring grasses and foliage just a couple of months ago.

We've covered Consider Bardwell before, but they're very deserving of another mention. What's especially unique about Manchester is its style: there aren't a ton of natural rinded goat cheeses on the market, especially of this size, and especially from the States. They've tapped into something new here. And the result is exactly what can occur when goat milk ages, and this case, ages in the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm. They also washed the rind during its aging process, too, which lends a distinctive, funky note, and a pudgey, semi-soft texture. The flavors typify some of our favorite cheese words: earthy, nutty, and rustic. It's a cheese that would go great with a sweeter-style brown ale, or a round, full-bodied white wine. But truly, no beverage is needed to enhance this pick. Consider Bardwell is available at New York area farmer's market, including Union Square, Greenpoint, and Tompkin's Square, and at Artisanal Cheese. • Buy it! Consider Bardwell at Artisanal Cheese, $30/lb. Related:The Kitchn on Cheese: 123 Cheese Reviews, Tips and Guides (Image: Artisanal Cheese)


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