Top CEOs and Social Media


One of the first things I noticed when I began online social media was nobody who is anybody and I know of was online!  That could be because of the age groups being of boomer generation and lack of strong connection to the Internet and its recent offspring the social media or I suspect top executives are far more reserved and by nature keep unnecessary acquaintances away.  Social media works in the direction of connecting strangers and the process is always simple regardless of the network.  I have personally made two profiles on linkedin.  One is for what I call Lions and one for Mice.  I use the terms from the book Never Eat Lunch Alone.  The lions are contacts of some significance for various reasons but in the present situations CEOs qualify as lions while mice are everybody else one may meet whom we know but are of little value if someday a need arises and they are to be our helpers.  I think the trend will continue for the top people to be partial to exclusiveness.  


from T Techcrunch by Robin Wauters

It’s ‘official’; big shot CEOs are social media slackers. The hot news comes straight from ÜBERCEO, who says it conducted research on the topic for the past few weeks and has found that there’s little chance you’ll ever get to exchange pokes and tweets with Fortune 100 CEOs for the time being. Here’s the ‘miserable level of engagement’ ÜBERCEO has uncovered:

– Only two CEOs have Twitter accounts.
– 13 CEOs have LinkedIn profiles, and of those only three have more than 10 connections.
– 81% of CEOs don’t have a personal Facebook page.
– Three quarters of the CEOs have some kind of Wikipedia entry, but nearly a third of those have limited or outdated information.
– Not one Fortune 100 CEO has a blog.

Quite frankly, I think this is actually a good thing. Top execs of Fortune 100 companies in my view can do much more harm to themselves and the organizations they represent using social media the wrong way, and I haven’t seen that many CEOs of any size and type of company do it the right way. It’s what social media gurus and other experts are there for!

Thank God, I’ve never had to work for a Fortune 100 company, but if ever do I’ll be damned if I’m going to befriend and send Zombie bites to the head honcho on Facebook or send him or her direct messages over Twitter if I’m looking for a raise.


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