Christian Audigier’s Champagne stolen hours before official launch party


And what of this?  Hollywood would do something similar and does regularly to get into the news and move to the top even if for one broadcast.  The coverage is worth millions.  Murphy Goode kicked butt with its bogus social media job that pays a lot for six months.  That announcement was worth millions in marketing dollars not only for Murphy Goode but also for the beleguered California wine industry for the positive attention it brought and continues to bring. Did Audignier have its own stock stolen to get media attention?  Will it be sold and he gets a piece of action? Who knows! It is another country, culture and industry and cannot extend models from one environment to another expecting automatic meaning.  Why did I bring it up? I heard in Europe a business owner doing a setup to have its own place robbed is more common than in US. That gives me a headache.  Restaurant people in US can be crooks but percentage-wise, I would say almost zero would be able to throw something similar together for some cash.  Somebody may drink the Champage of C Audigier soon if not already!  And regardless of what truly happened, he can always boast his stuff is so good people rob them on the spot if given a chance.


July 2, 2009
Christian Audigier's Champagne and Fine WIne CollectionOliver Styles

Christian Audigier's new Champagne launch was scuppered last night after cases of the fashion guru's wine were stolen from London's Movida nightclub just hours before they were to be unveiled. 

All the cases of Audigier's Grand Cru and Rose Champagne were stolen by a group of men from outside the fashionable club, in full view of security cameras. Movida confirmed the cases were stolen and that the police were involved. 

Meanwhile, guests at the launch party, which included Australian singer Peter Andre, comic Alan Carr and glamour model Bianca Gascoigne were served still wines from Audigier's Vin de Pays d'Oc range. All of his wines, including the Champagnes, sport his distinctive tattoo graphic. 

Audigier, who also attended the launch last night, is widely regarded as being the driving force behind the growth of popular fashion brands including Von Dutch and Kookai. 


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