DesertXpress Train to Vegas in Planning Stages


The good news is here finally.  The train from LA to Vegas can happen and all the folks from LA can trip to Las Vegas fast.  Is that not great?  The trip across the desert in automobile is difficult and the airplane flight is a little complicated but a train would be like walking or sleeping your way to Vegas.  That is awesome!  Isn't it? Now, every Friday the average blue collar from Los Angeles can be somebody and take the train which probably is free for casino guests and be in Vegas doing it the big time.  The paycheck will be gone by Friday night and the excitement over but can still tell the tale of how cool one was going to Vegas and back some Fridays and what happened.  It also helps expand another industry:  The weekend strippers and hookers.  Many of the clubs in SF have gals that come up from Los Angeles stripping just for Friday and Saturday night and going back in a city where nobody knows them and pays big.  Las Vegas will be the ultimate destination for all the fools and dumb kids from Los Angeles.  Let's not forget the crime wave birth in the aftermath of the payroll flight to Las Vegas.  It is a good thing for Vegas that gambling is such a hard habit to break.  That damn train is such an easy doorway.  How many people agree with me the train will probably cost $20 for the casino customer? Why is it everything new is supposed to be good and great?  Oh.  It is called progress.  Can we debate progress?  Never.  Progress is always good and the opposite is downright EVIL.  What is the saying in Vegas? "They did build the place on Los Angeles visitors."  And now will expand it too.


from LAist by Zach Behrens


After 30 years of planning, the MagLev project between Anaheim and Vegas lost one of its biggest proponents last month to a train part of the federal high-speed rail corridor. Nevada Senator Harry Reid is now behind the DesertXpress between Southern California and Las Vegas that would mainly go along Interstate 15. Unfortunately, the phase planned right now only goes between Vegas and Victorville. Why Victorville? Their website explains:

Of course it would be great if DesertXpress could be extended to downtown Los Angeles, Anaheim and Ontario, and someday it might. But for this initial project, it is critical for the station to serve the Southern California market and be financeable without public tax dollars.

Victorville makes a lot of sense because it is the first major population center northeast of the Cajon Pass through the San Bernardino mountain range separating the High Desert from the Los Angeles basin. Victorville is within only a 30- to 45-minute drive for roughly 5 million people who live in the Inland Empire, Antelope Valley, and the eastern portions of Los Angeles County, and only a one to two hour's drive for most of the rest of the Southland's 21 million residents—many of whom routinely drive at least an hour to and from work each weekday.

Victorville also is the choke point of I-15, where the roadway narrows from from four through lanes to three in each direction. With the station in Victorville, DesertXpress avoids the uncertainty of the challenging 200-mile drive across the Mojave Desert that could take anywhere from 4 hours to 10 hours – you never know, because of congestion and incidents or accidents.

Yes, someday "it might" go to Los Angeles." The Victorville leg will cost $3.5 to $4 billion for 200 miles of work–that's less than proposed subway to the sea in Los Angeles.


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