New $1 million wine book to launch in spring


The wine industry has improve greatly and now has outdone itself.  A $1,000,000 price tag and how does it benefit the purchaser? The luxury products fail to have equal intrinsic value to their price tag but justify by the contribution to the size of one's ego.  That is the principle beyond the marketing of such products and frankly nothing is wrong with having such niche and developing to benefit.  However, the normal wine enthusiast either is excited wine can be taken to such level or confused of what wine is supposed to be and appreciated.  

Stuart Peskett

A US$1m wine book weighing 30kg is set to be released next year.

The Wine Opus will list the world's top 100 wineries. 

As well as its US$1m (£600,000) price tag, at 30kg (66lbs) it will weigh as much as the average labrador dog (pictured), or a nine-year-old child. 

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  • Published by Kraken Opus, which has previously launched extravagant works on fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, Indian cricket ace Sachin Tendulkar and Argentine footballer Diego Maradona, it will be released in spring next year. 

    Every purchaser of the book will also receive a six-bottle case of wine from every one of the 100 wineries listed, as well an invitation to visit some of them. 

    Only 100 copies of the book will be made – 25 have already been pre-ordered, with a number of copies set aside for auction. 

    A spokeswoman for Kraken Opus told that a 'panel of experts' will draw up a shortlist of about 300 producers, and then a second panel, comprising 40 sommeliers, will make the final selection, based on a 'number of criteria' at a 'wine UN meeting' in London in 2010. 

    A third vote will then be taken to decide the top 10. 

    The list of sommeliers and wine experts has not been revealed, but the spokeswoman said that 'every wine-producing country' will be represented, and that chef Marco Pierre White will be involved in the launch. 


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