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How to Squeeze More Juice from Citrus

citrus-juice-squeeze1See the Video

Focaccia Simple Breads From the Italian

by Carol Fieldfocaccia-by-carol-field1

This is a great fun book on Focaccia.  The topic of pizza is widely covered by books and other media but Focaccia is lost in the bread universe.  The reading of this book will introduce you to the many varieties and also pique your interest in a strong competition for pizza lovers.  The text has many recipes and the sections on making  pizza and its background have good details.  I strongly recommend this book.

Pizza: Easy Recipes for Great Homemade Pizzas, Focaccia, and Calzones

by Michele Scicolone, Charles Scicolone

Pizza is a well-written general book.  The writing is good and the reader pays strong attention to all the details.  The content is very similar to an earlier book by the authors (Pizza: A Slice of Heaven) and is almost an up-to-date rewrite.  The introduction and the how-to sections are great and everyone will enjoy them.  The recipes are also good and interesting.  As a cookbook or a primer on pizza, this book offers a whole lot more than one expects.  I strongly recommend it.

Far East Cafe: The Best of Casual Asian Cooking (Casual Cuisines of the World)

by Joyce Juefar-east-cafe

Far East Cafe is another primer and East Asian food is well-covered here.  The recipes and the photographs are the strongest part of the book.  The introduction to the cuisine and the food is good.  And the book is most enjoyed if you have some familiarity with East Asian food and like it.  It is a good book on Asian cooking in general though intended to cover casual cooking.  I recommend it.

Diner: The Best of Casual American Cooking (The Casual Cuisines of the World) (Hardcover)

by Diane Rossen Worthington (Author), Allan Rosenberg (Author) diner

A good book on the good old Diner that was once appreciated and now carries the stigma of unhealthy food.  The recipes are quite good and the pictures are awesome may be because it is hard to find any photographs in this book that does not bring back many good memories.  The introduction is well-done and the book is a good collection of recipes for casual American food.  I recommend this book.

Pizzeria: The Best of Casual Pizza Oven Cooking (Casual Cuisines of the World)

by Evan Kleiman

I liked this book even though it is part of a casual cooking series.  It does a good job of including every aspect of the cuisine and the Pizzeria institution.  The recipes are quite good as are the photographs.  More important, the diversity of dishes within the same dish type is rich and strong.  It is both a beginner and intermediate text if you care for pizza and specially to cook it.  I recommend it.

Trattoria : The Best of Casual Italian Cooking (Casual Cuisines of the World)

by Mary Beth Clark, Peter JohnsonTrattoria

I enjoyed this book more than the other volumes in the casual cooking series mostly because I could use some information on Trattoria food as a cuisine.  I have to admit the food is simple and in no way comparable to Bistro food which is the French equivalent on the casual level.  Trattoria food is truly simple food made to be eaten.  The introduction is quite good and the recipes are very well-detailed.  The photographs are the least impressive of all books in the series mostly because the food displayed is simple food and not made to be impressive.  I recommend this book.