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Niman Ranch Goes Broke

Jere-Me at Flickr
I just wanted to draw attention to this article by Barry Estabrook on the struggles facing venerable meat company Niman Ranch—further proof that this bad economy isn’t just affecting restaurants, but also the larger, good companies that we all hold so dear. Yikes.
By Jessica Battilana

The Eat + Drink Awards 2009 – Editor’s Picks

The Eat + Drink Awards 2009 – Editor’s Picks
And the piggies go to…
by Eat + Drink Editors
posted January 27, 2009 10:05AM

Photo by Joe Budd
For a taste of RIGHT NOW, take a spoonful of Persian pickle, some tiger’s milk, a jigger of Pisco and a bowlful of caponatina. To this, add bacon-wrapped oysters, a $25 lobster roll and some breathtaking waterfront views. Here are our picks for the five best new restaurants in San Francisco.
1. Beretta
Why we picked it: Because the inspired concept—pizza, great cocktails, late-night service and a perfect location—is always in style. Read More…
Dish to Get: Eggplant caponatina with burrata
2. Anchor & Hope
Why we picked it: Because seasoned restaurateurs Doug Washington and Mitchell and Steve Rosenthal continue to create approachable, comfortable restaurants—and this one serves some killer fish and chips. Read more…
Dish to Get: Angels on Horseback (bacon-wrapped oysters)
3. Zaré at Fly Trap
Why we picked it: Because Hoss Zaré and his team have breathed new life into a historic San Francisco restaurant. Read more…
Dish to Get: Anything with a sisde of torshi (Persian pickle)
4. La Mar Cebichería Peruana
Why we picked it: Because a giant South American import is exactly the type of restaurant we didn’t know we needed, yet can’t help but love. Read More…
Dish to Get: Cebiche mixto
5. Waterbar
Why we picked it: Because Waterbar has finally given us an answer to the question of where to get great seafood—with a view—in San Francisco.. Read More…
Dish to get: The lobster roll

The City’s Best Burgers

01/26/094:24 pm
Aziza’s Mourad Lahlou at Taylor’s Automatic Refresher
Kathryn Roach
“Good meat is 95 percent of a good burger. It should be well-seasoned with salt and pepper; Nopa seasons their beef well in advance, which makes a huge difference. I order mine medium-rare and smear it with a side of their feta-harissa dip. They use brioche-style soft buns, which I like. Zuni’s burger is really good, with the house-made ketchup and pickled onions and zucchini, but there’s one problem—it’s on focaccia, which gets soggy. You end up having to eat it with a fork and knife. The burger at Taylor’s Automatic Refresher is close to perfect. I get it with raw onions—I like the crunch—and American cheese. Yup, American. It’s simple, it melts well and it forms a blanket over the burger, turning it into a little bundle of goodness.”
Nopa 560 Divisadero St. 415-864-8643, nopasf.comTaylor’s Automatic Refresher Ferry Building Marketplace 866-328-3663, taylorsrefresher.comZuni Café 1658 Market St.415-552-2522,