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Linked In Or Out?

“I am the IT Administrator for a regional restaurant chain, and as of late I am noticing more and more people sending me invitations to sites like LinkedIn, FaceBook, etc. Continue reading

I am on LinkedIn, Now What??? A Guide to Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn

by Jason Alba
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“I am On LinkedIn is a compact text with the essentials to use LinkedIn and make it work. What you learn by reading can be also learned by signing up and simply using the software online. However, the embedded discussions within the instructions do aid in increasing your effectiveness. The book is well written and organized to be read in a short time. The motivated reader can use the software after reading for the first time and return to read the text again maybe in one week. The text does not have enough information to justify reading it again beyond this point. I recommend to read it if you have it around but I would not spend money on it.”