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It’s Who Knows You: Networking Your Way to Success

by Chien J. Wang
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“This is one of the better networking books I have read. The basics are covered quite well and Chien J. Wang applies his own experiences to teach networking so well one cannot read this text and not improve. The idea of volunteering to become visible is introduced at the beginning of the book and is very smart: One of the least effective ways of networking is exchanging business cards at networking events and one of the best is working as part of a group that has a common goal. Examples are board meetings, committees, classrooms and many others. The choice of becoming a volunteer in select events speeds up the effective building of a network outside the in-house communities. Constant Contact is a business emailing software and I found his suggestions about using it for own networking very novel and interesting. He also reminds you the importance of having a personal webpage in addition to online profiles such as Linkedin profile page. I am sure you will enjoy this text greatly and if you are a good networker already you should not forget the title of the book: It is very meaningful if you have been around and try regularly to improve your networking skills. I strongly recommend this text.”

Confessions of Shameless Self-Promoters: Great Marketing Gurus Share Their Innovative, Proven, and Low-Cost Marketing Strategies to Maximize Your Succ

by Debbie Allen
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“Debbie Allen writes a very useful book that is definitely worth reading regardless of your marketing knowledge level. The text is a collection of writings by successful marketers and though many of the articles are redundant for an experienced person, enough are novel and practical to make it worth your reading time. I recommend reading it.