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French government new advice: ‘Don’t drink wine’

February 20, 2009
The French wine industry is โ€“ once again โ€“ up in arms at the government’s latest pronouncement: to stop drinking wine altogether.

The Ministry of Health has published guidelines which advise, ‘The consumption of alcohol, and especially wine, is discouraged.’

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Bonhams to auction wines hidden from Nazis

Bonhams auction house is selling 1,500 bottles of rare wine that were hidden from the Nazis when they occupied the Channel Islands during World War II.

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Pairing Wine and Food: A Handbook for All Cuisines

by Linda Johnson-Bell
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“The debate over the proper matching of wine and food is far from being settled in Pairing Wine and Food. The efforts to write useful books on this subject are not many but neither rare. If you are enthusiastic about wine to the extent of desiring more through a good match, you will have difficulty putting together a library of books on the subject. In my personal view, since matching is more of an art than science, it has done its best experientially rather than methodically. Pairing Wine and Food is not a definitive text nor does it claim to be. Linda Johnson-Bell writes as comprehensive a matching book as possible within the limits of her personal experiences. The backbone of the text is her effort to accentuate what knowledge of wine and food he possesses toward the end of great matching. She explores viniculture, viticulture and food with a keen eye for characteristics if one is to match wine with food. The book may have no photographs but has there is no shortage of tables. A great many interesting topics are organized in tables for definition or matching. Some may find that to be her strength while others notice that half of the text is made up of these tables including a 63 page long matching table at the end. Are the matching tables definitive or are they merely useful and more than just interesting? I would settle for the latter. In conclusion, the non-matching writing is comprehensive though far from definitive and the matching information is only a way to explore since vintages come and go. I recommend reading once since good matching books are few but better books are in print.”