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The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual

by Norm Goldstein
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“AP Stylebook is a complete handbook of literary conventions according to the Associated Press. At the same time, any person who writes beyond personal use will find it interesting and handy. The stylebook content is diverse because many things are considered. And, unlike a basic handbook, the selection of entries is both interesting and amusing: I may not be able the only person who finds it worthwhile to simply read through this reference book at light reading time. The material goes beyond what any college-trained writer is taught. Enough is listed for you to recognize what you already know and the expansions are deep and rich. I strongly recommend not only having it handy when writing for publication but also to read through it once for enjoyment!”

Writer’s Digest Handbook of Magazine Article Writing

by Writers Digest
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“A handbook has a specific design that bears greater content than a primer. This magazine article writing handbook follows the standard. The information is excellent in thoroughness and detailed carefully. A successful user should read through once for the information and unless a specific chapter requires closer attention, the text is to be shelved as a reference. The fact is as a person practices this craft the knowledge evolves and such comprehensive handbook becomes useful for occasional consultation. The information is deep enough to build a solid base of knowledge for doing everything involved in the magazine writing process. I recommend having a copy for regular consultation.

The Everything Guide To Magazine Writing: From Writing Irresistible Queries to Landing Your First Assignment-all You Need to Build a Successful Career

by Kim Kavin
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“Definitely a well-written primer with a unique focus: This text covers the essentials but spends the bulk of the content dealing with successful career management as a magazine writer. Since magazine writing is likely to be very popular both as a career goal or avocation, a good number of books are in print. What they have in common the most is their approach of covering the field from grounds up. Almost all of the readers are beginners at this level. As a point of observation This Everything Guide is my first book that spends more than a few pages or a chapter treating the state of a successful magazine writing career. Most of the books teach the basics and finish somewhere wishing the reader good luck. This text takes the essentials not for granted but gives less coverage while 9 of the 19 chapters deal with the how-to of a successful career. It is rewarding for the little time it takes to read. I recommend reading it once.

Magazine Writing That Sells

by Don McKinney
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“Magazine Writing that Sells is a great fun book to read. It is a general introduction to the subject and a how-to book but is written and organized so well the writing flows into your mind: You find very few stops necessary to absorb what you read. The text has a great deal of information to put into memory but Don McKinney writes so well it feels as the subject is already known to you. If the beginner has a writing background, this book provides enough information to jump into magazine writing. And if one needs everything about the trade, the text does that job also. The objective is to cover the first steps of beginning this career or avocation. Some of the information is obviously dated but the book overall does its job. I recommend it if for nothing but to remember something fun of when you tried Magazine Writing.”

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Magazine Articles

by Sheree Bykofsky, Jennifer Basye Sander
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“Personally, I have always preferred the Dummies guides because the subject is always covered in full details. The Idiot’s guide on the other hand does a good job but does not always read as a great primer of its subject. Publishing Magazine Articles is a good book to read and Idiot’s does a fair job of covering a great deal of the basics. The how-to text is written for whom success in magazine writing is a career goal. The information is not technical and one can just read through it without taking many if any notes. It covers all of the basic steps and the essentials. The hopeful professional writer and the amateur writer both can learn enough to take the initial steps in the right direction but the reader needs other resources for advanced learning. I recommend it only if this is your subject to learn.”