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Writer’s Digest Handbook of Magazine Article Writing

by Writers Digest
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“A handbook has a specific design that bears greater content than a primer. This magazine article writing handbook follows the standard. The information is excellent in thoroughness and detailed carefully. A successful user should read through once for the information and unless a specific chapter requires closer attention, the text is to be shelved as a reference. The fact is as a person practices this craft the knowledge evolves and such comprehensive handbook becomes useful for occasional consultation. The information is deep enough to build a solid base of knowledge for doing everything involved in the magazine writing process. I recommend having a copy for regular consultation.

PCPhoto Digital SLR Handbook, Revised & Updated (A Lark Photography Book)

by Rob Sheppard
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“Digital SLR Handbook is a good basic to intermediate learn-by-yourself photography book and is worth the time to read. The majority of basic photography how-to books are very similar in organization and content. Boring is the word to describe about 95% of this level texts. Basically, if you read one, you have read half of all similar books and if you have used a SLR camera before, the first half of any text is a just a quick review anyway. The success of this text is partly due to Rob Sheppard’s breaking down each chapter into many small sub-topics and explaining them in good detail. The photos and the diagrams are appropriate and the text never goes beyond the basic-to-intermediate boundaries and achieves its goal. I recommend it only if this is your first digital SLR text to read.”